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How to care for your permanent makeup service.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Aftercare instructions on how to properly care for your skin and your new permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is not always a one shot deal, but It can be. Plan for color loss either way, and lightening of the procedure area after the service. It can lighten 20-40+ percent from the original intensity. This is considered normal for the face and body tattoo applications, everyone is different so we can cannot predict how much loss there could be this is why more sessions may be adviced during post service appointment. Pigment loss is not a factor in the quality of our work, but a response in the body to wound healing. If pigment loss does happen, it can cause issues with symmetry and unevenness after the healing. In a practical manner this means a arch could fall off or lighten, tails etc.

The procedure may be picture perfect on completion, but in the healing process you might have some spotty areas, as the body rejects ink. If this is bothersome to you, please make a appointment for a touch up. In between your appointment if you choose to make one, you can supplement with your cosmetics to blend the area after healing process is over. Remember, pigment loss is normal and should be planned for.


Desclaimer: Results will vary in all permanent cosmetic applications. Old, preexisting work may need extra applications to hide any discolorations or symmetry issues. Old work is a challenge to hide and presents issues such as color corrections and symmetry. If you have the need for corrections when coming in, please be advised of this. We can not predict healing outcomes of old work. Expect extra work, plan for it, if you are a correction. Color loss in the healing process may make the old color peak thru and appear patchy, this is not reflective of the quality of our work, but in the body's natural response to wound healing.

Coupons accepted based on face value, please note these do not include touch ups. If you would like a touch up included you will have to pay our regular fees.

Touch up fees are per area. Color loss is standard for the industry, per (Susan Church, world's expert) Loss can be 20 to 40+ percent on a application, give or take.

Clients must understand the nature of the procedure and have realistic expectations in the healing process. It may or may not be a one shot deal. Pigment loss can give the appearance of unevenness.

Clients must elect to come back for the service, if there has been pigment loss and they prefer a richer pigment placement (this is called building color volume). Electing not to make a touch up appointment will leave your work not as pretty as you would like it to be and you are responsible for electing your care of your tattooed area.

Fee's may or may not be included by each artist. The Glamour co, does indeed charge touch up fee's and all services. OUR TOUCH UP FEE'S are $99-300$ These are typically per area. A touch up fee is per area.

If you should need a touch up, kindly please give us a call and acknowledge you are aware of our fee policies and would like to schedule this appointment, as we are more than happy to accommodate you in a professional manner. Clients who are abusive or rude will be discharged immediately. We employ the right to refuse service based on our discretion, but we will do our best to retain and build a mutually respectful relationship thru the art of tattooing.



What to expect:

  • You should expect to feel sore for at least two to three hours after the procedure, somewhat like a sunburn or chappy.

  • If you had your lips or eyes done, you could expect some puffiness, or light burning, this can last for several days. Lip color can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to develop as it is a mucousal tissue, the healing can be a bit opaque. Please be on any medications or supplements if you are prone to herpetic/cold sore break outs.

  • Remember prior existing work (old) may require more visits to even out, hide, change, correct shapes or color.

  • Remember the color is going to be very dark for the first few days until it starts healing. "Don’t worry it can fade up to 60%", this should be planned. Color will soften,it is hard to predict how much so. Touching area with fingers, rubbing, can lead to infections of the treated area. Rubbing eyes immediately after a eyeliner could led to a corneal abrasion, or damage to the eye. Eye irritation can be considered normal, relaxing or sleeping is best evaluated to reduce the swelling. The eye is one of the most resilient tissues of the whole human body, healing is rapid.

  • Expect to have some flaking. (keep applying the A&D or vaseline, any other product can pull out color or fade results).

  • Expect your skin to be white around the area where the numbing cream was applied. It will disappear when the numbing wears off, this is blanching.

  • If you experience itching, this just means it is in the process of healing and might be dry. Please do not scratch it or pull/rub at it! Applying ointment will help relieve the discomfort of tightness. Try to relax....

  • Do not touch area with your fingers, as it could cause a infection.

  • Don not double dip into ointment product as it could contaminate and cause a infection.

  • Apply ointment 3 to five times a day, keep slightly moist, more is not better, a thin veil is all you need.

  • No makeup in general area, as it could cause a infection.

  • Avoid direct contact with animals, sun, soap, steam, jacuzzi, swimming, exercising or excessive heat.

  • Do not rub, as it could take color out.

  • Use sunblock after totally healed.

  • Touch up visits may need to be scheduled, please see artists touch up polices, we charge extra for touch ups.

  • Pigment loss could leave the tattooing area uneven and spotty, and the symmetry or lines may be off. If this is bothersome to you, please seek your touch up.

  • You are responsible for your touch up follow up if needed.

  • Touch up if needed do include fees.

  • Touch ups are 4 to 6 weeks after application, any sooner can cause scarring.

  • Color has to cure and heal in skin for 4 to 6 weeks to determine outcome.

  • All procedures must Heal, Peel, and Fade, this can take up to ten days. If there is pigment loss, it could leave your tattooing uneven and spotty.



What not to expect

  • You should not expect to having only one service applied for a lifetime or after a initial application, as we cannot fully predict how it may heal. However one procedure can be enough if the results are desirable. Permanent makeup can be a process. The foundation is applied and then we build up to the color desired! Pigment loss can result in the tattooing looking uneven or with off symmetry, even spotty and incomplete.

  • A complete one shot deal of covering up or correcting old work. Yes we can do it, but it may require more applications.

  • A common misconception after having a lip procedure performed is that you will always have a wet, glossy look. This procedure is only for adding color to the lips and a tint. The darker the request, the possibility of the need of more services to build the color volume. This goes for full lip and lip liner procedures.

Treatment & Precautions

  • You must keep the area moist at all times until completely healed. Use the A&D ointment provided. This will help keep peeling down to a minimum and maintain your color.

  • Use a Q-tip apply the ointment.

  • Do not use any harsh cleansers or over the counter healing creams, ointments. This may cause irritation and burning and could possibly lead to infection/scarring/color loss.

  • Remember that this is an open wound and should be treated as one, cleaned and cared for.

  • Lips are prone to herpetic outbreaks. It is very important to take precaution to avoid this scenario. One can speak to at physician to have something prescribed, or they can take another route by taking L. Lysine for several weeks prior and after. All these are precautions, it may or may not help. However we do know a healthy and well rested body contributes to better outcomes.


  • Do not go swimming until completely healed. The bacteria in the water may cause infection or pull color out.

  • Stay out of the sun and tanning booths, this will not only irritate the wound but fade your color tremendously. UVB, UVA LIGHT reeks havoc on all tattoo's. To maintain color, please apply sunscreen.

  • If you had a lip procedure done, stay away from spicy/acidic foods and things with salt, {"Burn"}.

  • Do not use Mascara/ eye makeup or any other product on freshly tattooed eyes due to the bacteria living in your brush or in your products. This also applies to lips. {no lipstick or liner until healed }.

  • Keep your hands away from the area. Don’t scratch, rub, pick, or touch. Your hands and fingernails carry many germs.

  • If you see the area starting to peel, do not help it along. Doing so will pull color out completely and can cause spotting and unevenness/symmetry issues.

Please call us for your touch up appointments which are $125, we do not

respond to texting.

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