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Permanent Eyebrows- naturalstroke eyebrows, 3DHD eyebrows, micro eyebrows, ombré eyebrows.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Isn't it wonderful being able to wake up and go, to grab your morning coffee and tackle the day without having to put hardly any work into the way you look?

Natural Stroke

The above brows would be considered a full natural stroke permanent eyebrow. It is a great look for the soft appearance that is somewhat between a hair stroke and light feathery powder blending, this leads to a natural appearance. This technique was created by my wonderful mentor and instructor, it is like no other.

Results will very depending on how well the skin takes the pigment and requested shape of the eyebrows.

The fresh and modern approach to gorgeous eyebrows has arrived.

We Take Pride in Not Using the Sharpie Look!

This technique was created by a professional artist with over 20 years experience. We customize all color and shape based on your vision of beauty and requests. No two brows done by us is alike. The shape and the color is uniquely yours.Let us design a custom color and shape that is made just for you...or you can come in with yours already done, and we will just facilitate your vision of beauty. Get it your way! Stun Your Readers

Starting Price is $300.00 excluding touchup fees.

Natural Stroke is a realism permanent makeup technique

This service is FLAWLESS! Very crisp defined hair strokes at their best. This technique is best for those who thinning hair and looking to fill it in with a stroke rather than a powdered fill. Like the right eye below, it is meant to look as natural as possible where the left is a blend of natural stroke and ombre.


Innovative and creative, this technique was pioneered by Susan Church and Pamela Abshear to give the most stunning and realistic eyebrows. It is taking permanent cosmetic eyebrow tattooing to the next and exciting level. This is a blend of natural hair stroke hyper realism technique with various alike colors to create the illusion of hair strokes with dimension.

This service is great for clients who have previous work that they want touched up.

Prices for this service start at $400.00

Ombré Brows -High Style Eyebrows

I am very proud to offer this service in Green Valley as I have been given rights and documents stating that I was trained by the trademark company GLAMOUR Co. to offer this patented service.

Ombre' Eyebrows are a very beautiful in their modern appearance. They are unique in the fact that they transition slowly into a richer and deeper gradiant color.

Traditionally this service is done with lighter front tattooing near fronts of eyebrows and slowly fade into a darker color, but tops can fade towards the bottoms also.

Call to make an appointment now and for all listed prices! (520)-625-9429

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